• Calls for Papers

    Calls for Papers

    Posted by UCL Open Environment Editorial Office on 2023-11-09

Throughout the year, UCL Open: Environment launches a number of thematic special series exploring the journals aims and scope. Details of each special series and its calls for papers can be found in the below links. This page is kept up-to-date with all current special series calls for papers.

UCL Open Environment and the UNFCCC/COP

UCL Open: Environment is opening a call for papers for research and scholarly submissions concerned with the effects of climate change on our environment, in response to COP (UN Conference of the Parties) themes past and present.

Find out more and read the call for papers at https://journals.uclpress.co.uk/ucloe/collection/code/cop

Community responses to climate change

This special series focuses on responses to climate change taking place in, and / or led by, non-traditional ‘research’ communities. It will provide a platform to record and disseminate the insights from many community-level and community-led research projects that are currently poorly visible (or completely invisible) to many researchers and practitioners.

Find out more and read the call for papers at https://journals.uclpress.co.uk/ucloe/collection/code/cr2cc

Water and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Submission is open to anyone and submissions may be research articles directly concerned with one or a combination of the SDGs relevant to the uses of water interaction or form a nexi with those Environment focused SDGs that in a sense host the sources of water on the planet (SDGs 6, 13, 14 and 15). Submissions covering an examination of progress on all these SDGs viewed from the perspective of the global water cycle and whether the indicators and targets and evidence available to us all /deliver a more balanced view of water and how it might be best managed in future, are also welcomed for submission.

Find out more and read the call for papers at https://journals.uclpress.co.uk/ucloe/collection/code/water-sdgs



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