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The open-access law review journal publishing high quality original papers, reviews and case notes, on the place of Europe in the world.

Europe and the World: A law review is a fully peer reviewed, open access journal that aims to contribute to legal scholarship on the place of Europe in the world, with a particular but by no means exclusive focus on the EU's external relations law. This journal serves as a forum where the national, international and EU perspectives meet and engage. The journal therefore does not follow the traditional distinctions between EU, international, and national law. While primarily offering legal doctrinal and theoretical analyses, the journal also publishes multi-disciplinary work, political science, and international relations contributions with an external perspective on the law of EU’s external relations.

We welcome submissions to Europe and the World; we provide an inclusive, fully non-commercial, open access publishing process. There is no cost to authors at point of submission or publication. Articles are published on this site and accessed via a number of subject specific indexers, repositories, and search databases to maximise readership. Learn more about our publishing process, how to submit and sign up to our Publishing Alerts to keep abreast of our calls for papers and new article releases.

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