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    A new way to publish - UCL Open Environment

    Posted by Ian Caswell on 2023-09-04

Publishing for the future of humanity. UCL Open Environment publishes and showcases the latest and most critical research on all aspects of the Environment.

UCL Open Environment is a fully non-commercial, Open Science scholarly journal, publishing high impact, multi-disciplinary research, on real world environmental issues, with the overall aim of benefitting humanity. UCL Open Environment removes publication barriers and transcends boundaries to bring together and accelerate the publication of the most critical thinking; from the most renowned researchers, through to innovative and emerging new voices; on all aspects of the environment. Unlike typical, single disciplinary journals, UCL Open Environment is the only dedicated multi-disciplinary environmental Open Science journal that publishes broadly across all environment-related subjects.

A science journal with the broadest of scope, UCL Open Environment showcases single disciplinary research alongside multi-disciplinary works; uniquely crossing boundaries to facilitate and accelerate progress. UCL Open Environment is for any researcher or professional at knowledge-based universities, institutions, and organisations (including Non-Government Organisations, Think Tanks, Inter-Government Organisations, and the United Nations). Submissions are invited from those at all career stages, including early career researchers, mid-career professionals, and senior scholars. There are also no barriers to the Open Peer Review Process; engagement from all will advance the greatest leaps and discoveries.

Researchers will be able to publish quickly, at a very low cost; but also, with great confidence and trust in the process and the exposure that will be achieved. UCL Open Environment uniquely combines a clear, fair, and open peer-review process (offering immediate publication in a dedicated preprint server), with robust, highly esteemed, independent editorial governance and support. This is a new and unique fully non- commercial publishing process that is accessible, transparent, accountable, and fast; and delivered at minimum cost to authors. Only by removing barriers and innovatively working together will we accelerate finding solutions to the world’s most significant environmental challenges.

Submit. Review. Share. Follow. Find out more at https://journals.uclpress.co.uk/ucloe



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