Archaeology International

archaeology international
The official journal of the UCL Institute of Archaeology.


The official journal of the international research organization, Architecture, Media, Politics, Society (AMPS). Architecture_MPS is a fully peer-reviewed, international, open access journal that addresses the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Europe and the World: A law review

europe and the world: a law review
The open-access law review journal publishing high quality original papers, reviews and case notes, on the place of Europe in the world.

Film Education Journal

film education journal
By bringing together the diverse voices engaged in film education within this single open access journal, the Film Education Journal will explicitly encourage a greater degree of exchange between theory, practice, policy, and pedagogy.

History Education Research Journal

history education research journal
The official journal of the History Educators International Research Network (HEIRNET), the History Education Research Journal is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the global significance and impact of history education.

International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning

international journal of development education and global learning
An international open-access journal advancing theoretical and empirical understanding of development education and global learning.

International Journal of Social Pedagogy

international journal of social pedagogy
An international, open-access journal publishing high quality original research papers on social pedagogy.

Jewish Historical Studies: A Journal of English-Speaking Jewry

jewish historical studies: a journal of english-speaking jewry
The official publication of the Jewish Historical Society of England.

Journal of Bentham Studies

journal of bentham studies
An open-access journal publishing original research papers on the life and writings of the utilitarian philosopher, Jeremy Bentham.

London Review of Education

london review of education
An open-access journal publishing rigorous, theoretically based research into contemporary global education.

Radical Americas

radical americas
An open-access academic journal that explores the historical, political and social contexts that have underpinned radicalism in the Americas.

Research for All

research for all
Research for All is a co-produced, peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on engaged research in all areas of study. Engagement with research goes further than just participation in it.

The Journal of the Sylvia Townsend Warner Society

the journal of the sylvia townsend warner society
An open-access journal publishing original research papers and scholarly articles on this brilliant, original and witty writer.

The London Journal of Canadian Studies

the london journal of canadian studies
An interdisciplinary open-access journal publishing high quality papers specialising in Canadian history, politics, culture and society.

UCL Open Environment

ucl open environment
UCL Open Environment is a unique, fully non-commercial, Open Science journal, dedicated to publishing for the benefit of humanity, across all environment-related subjects. This is the home to broad thinking, inter and multi-disciplinary research across all aspects of environment-related subjects.