About UCL Press journals

UCL Press launched in 2015 as the UK’s first fully open access university press and has fast become one of the leading open access scholarly publishers in the UK. As well as our renowned journals programme, we publish Open Access books, textbooks and monographs, you can learn more about our full programme here. Our journals programme reaches a global audience and attracts contributions from a broad range of contributors from the global academic community.

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We publish a range of open access journals for the academic community, covering a broad range of topics across the humanities, social sciences and STEM subjects. All of our journals are editorially independent, each supported by its own Editorial Board, carefully appointed to provide specialist subject specific expertise. Our journals are all published open access to help ensure the widest possible dissemination and readership.

Our journals are hosted here, but we also distribute all published articles widely to ensure maximum reach to their desired readership. We work with a large number of subject specific indexers, repositories, and search databases, including PubMed Central, Web of Science, Scopus, DOAJ, Dimensions, Google Scholar and many more. You can view the current indexing arrangements for each journal on the 'About' page of that journal.

We welcome submissions to our journals from the global academic community and provide a fast, efficient, inclusive, and professional, fully non-commercial publishing process, at minimal cost to authors. Please sign up to our Publishing Alerts to keep abreast of our calls for papers and new article releases.

In addition, our multidisciplinary journal UCL Open: Environment covers a broad spectrum of environment-related research, including life and earth sciences, medical, physical, population, engineering, and social sciences.

UCL Press is also a trusted member of COPE and OASPA, and many more (find out more here).